About the Band

Dell Foxx Company is an active and must-see cover band from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Formed in the spring of 2014, they played their first show at a small open mic night, introducing the local people to their diverse range of influences, styles and genres. Since that first performance, Dell Foxx Company has grown to become a local favorite, expanding their set of music to over five hours of hits including songs from artists like Alabama Shakes, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, Grand Funk Railroad, Florence and the Machine, and many more. Dell Foxx can now be found playing at bars and events across the state and continue to add more venues to their busy schedule. So, if you love to have a good time, dance, and see a high energy band doing what they love, then check the upcoming events section for a show near you!

11709679_10204984127942620_4896194553299160189_o                            10923301_982164681794917_6792813563153715770_o
             Vocals – Duan Wright                                            Guitar/Vocals – Brent Schraffenberger
           11082422_982165305128188_1951082712172210602_o                             10259146_982164875128231_5497835323787315362_o
         Bass/Vocals – Cody Shingleton                                    Drums/Vocals – Jake Shingleton

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